Tuesday's Serendipities

Hello world so this is me again trusting my God in me who continues to push and stretch me beyond my understanding. This is a process like many others in my life which has taken several years to build trust in only to realize that in life sometimes you just have to jump without the bungee cord. So, here I am using my thoughts and life as a vehicle of change for my community and global family. I do not proclaim to be an expert in you but I do consider myself to be an expert in Social Work. What I hope to do is listen and prove feedback that will allow all who take the journey. We will learn together, cry together, and fight together. This is a place where you don’t have to feel alone.

So, what’s on the agenda, we will leave no rock unturned. Politics, sex, relationships, parenthood, finances, and health. Because we are all uncooked pies it is easy to become unbalance when a section is taken out to soon. If for some reason, you find yourself needing personal attention please feel free to schedule yourself a personal session in order to get the individual attention that you need.

Ingage Life 4 Tomorrow is Online!

This has been a six year venture that has finally been birthed.

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